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Guided Adventure Trip - Utah

Guided Adventure Trip - Utah

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Lots of Fun, Little Instruction, and Memories That Truly Last A Lifetime.

Prepare for 5 action-packed days full of flying, fun, and even more flying. Join our team of instructors for a guided adventure trip through some of Utah's most scenic and beautiful locations. Receive hands-on training while simultaneously enjoying Utah's jaw-dropping views. 

The mission in our eyes is simple: Enable our participants to fly as a team in stunning, new and foreign landscapes, with guidance and instruction both on the ground and in the air. We aim to demystify the art of flying in the desert, near mountains, and in canyons- some of the most rewarding, and awe-inspiring things we have experienced paramotoring. It’s our belief that only through an understanding of how, why, and where, we make decisions to fly in these areas can we allow ourselves to fully enjoy our experience.

We understand that ultimately, a large portion of your experience will be spent on the ground. In the past, whether it was lodging, transportation, or food, we have felt other tours have lacked in this area. We will bring a “we’ve got you covered” attitude to the entire experience. From thoughtful lodging selection and meals to the camp atmosphere and team building, or even having a snack and water on hand when you need it, we want to ensure your time with us on the ground is just as memorable as your time in the air- rest easy knowing this is a fully inclusive tour, we’ve got you covered.

Our goal in a broad sense, is to enable pilots to safely and confidently fly unique and awe-inspiring landscapes throughout Utah through group instruction both on the ground and in the air. To increase your understanding of micro and macro meteorology, and improve your flying technique. And finally to provide a memorable and enjoyable experience in between flights, and hopefully make some new friends along the way. We are excited to see you out there!



Adventure Trip Details:

  • 6 days
  • 5 nights
  • 6 pilots
  • 10 scheduled flights
  • 18 hours of scheduled flight time
  • 4+ unique flying locations (weather dependent)
  • 3 premium meals per day included
  • 5 nights of lodging included
  • Starting & ending in Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Equipment rental available (bringing yours is recommended)
  • Transportation is not guaranteed (your own vehicle is recommended)
  • Unlimited paramotor fuel included


Adventure Trip Dates:

Arrive Tuesday night, depart Sunday afternoon.

July 2-7
July 30-4
Oct 1-6
Oct 15-20


Adventure Trip Flying Outline:

Tuesday Evening:

  • Meet & greet
  • Equipment Review
  • Class outline
  • Short flight if possible
  • Group BBQ


  • Flying, flying, and even more flying
  • BBQ, beer, and lots of fun
  • Road-tripping from location to location

Saturday morning:

  • Farewell & final flight


Included In The Cost:

5 Nights Lodging:

For the entire 5 nights of the trip, we will be providing a comfortable place to stay. This will vary from a hotel to Airbnb, to camping. Be prepared to tent camp at least 1 of the 5 nights. If you do not have camping equipment, we will have extra gear available. Our lodging will vary from night to night, so please try to be flexible. This lodging is shared and you will not have a private room. Private lodging is available for an additional charge. You are welcome to provide your own lodging (RV, hotels, etc) but we will not discount for it.

Premium Meals:

During the entire 5-days, we will be preparing, cooking, and providing high-quality food for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This is not cheap, quick, and easy food... This will include eggs, bacon, steak, burgers, coffee, and of course unlimited beer. This does include snacks during the day! You are welcome to provide your own food but we will not discount for it.

In-Flight Training:

During the 5 days, our instructors will be helping you with whatever skills you need or would like help with. This is similar to our progression training and gives you the ability to improve your skills while also enjoying some of the most beautiful locations Utah has to offer. Our instructors will be helping you with launches, landings, planning, routing, mountain flying, valley flying, thermal tolerance, risk management, energy management, and more. 

Ground School/Training:

During the 5 days, our instructors will also be hosting daily ground school lessons where they review launches, landings, and more. They will be doing daily flight briefings and debriefs with the group.

Ground Crew:

We will have a ground crew there ready to help you set up your wings or reset if you blow launches. They will help retrieve fuel, fill paramotors, tune motors, and make sure you're flying as much as possible.

Photography & Video:

During the 5 days, our team will be taking loads of photos and videos of the entire adventure. These photos include ground-to-ground, ground-to-air, and air-to-air photography. These photos will be high resolution and great for printing and hanging on the wall of your house. These photos and videos will be shared at the end of the trip.

Paramotor Fuel & Oil:

Paramotors fly way better with fuel, which is why we include all of it in the trip. We want this to be simple, easy, and smooth sailing for you. We will have all the fuel you could possibly need for those 5 days of non-stop flying. 

Parts & Service:

Our team will also have a trailer full of parts and tools just in case. These parts are not included (you'll have to purchase them if needed) but they are there on hand for you if needed. Our team will assist you with any motor-related work if needed.

Questions? Reach out!

We are more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about this trip. Please reach out to the Backcountry PPG team directly.

Call or text - (801-599-1684)
Email -

Meet Your Guides:

This trip will be guided by two very experienced paramotor pilots with a long background of adventure flying and teaching. Both guides have been paramotor instructors for years, teaching new pilots, intermediate pilots, and advanced pilots. Their wealth of knowledge and vast experience will be very valuable as they lead you through these incredible flights. Here is a brief overview of these instructors:


Mo Gottschalk: "I started flying in 2016 and it quickly became my number one passion taking over all my free time in life. It wasn't long before I started apprenticing and helping my instructor with his students and classes. I didn't know it then, but helping pilots achieve their goal of flight was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and I couldn't get enough. Fast forward 8 years later and hundreds of students under my belt, and I still get that excited feeling helping new pilots, or guiding more experienced pilots on the flight of their life. Anything paramotor-related, and I'm all about it"

Judson Graham: "You will never cease to be amazed by the strange, new, and unique places flying will take you.” - Andrew Solano.  As I see it, flying in all aspects, but especially paramotoring, humbles us with the ability to witness and interact with our world in a strangely unique way- it has the power to change you as a person, usually for the better. After feeling and seeing the power of this sport in myself, enabling others to experience the magic of flight for themselves, whether firsthand through being a paramotor instructor, or from my perspective though filmmaking quickly became the most fulfilling work of my life. Flying, and sharing my experience with others allows me to contribute to other's happiness in a way that is most fulfilling. I started flying when I was 16, in 2018. I have been involved in professional paramotor instruction for 4 years of that career, flown aerobatic demonstrations at airshows alongside the Blue Angels, traversed 1100 miles of the American Southwest via paramotor unsupported, and traveled around the world for this sport, and am very excited to share my passion for it alongside Mo, with you."


Training AND Fun:

During the 5 days of flying, you will receive tips and tricks on your launches, landings, and more. Our team of instructors will be there to help get you airborne and guide you through these remote and unforgiving locations. Our team has extensive experience in these locations and can help guide you on the do's and do not's of each location.

Our team will also be there to assist with any other situation that may present itself. This includes motor out rescue, motor tuning, and so on. During the days you will receive location briefings, adventure flying mapping, planning, and more. Our team is going to help further your education on how to safely fly in these more remote locations as well as guide you into them. During each flight, there will be a flight lead that helps lead you into safe locations with confidence.


You Don't Need To Be A Pro:

This Adventure is not for only those die-hard pro pilots out there. This trip is easily doable by more beginner pilots and has very friendly LZ's and lots of motor-out locations. This trip is also designed to help pilots improve their skills and become better overall paramotor pilots. You do not need hundreds of hours to attend this course. Our team of instructors is there to help you improve your skills, become a better pilot, and have a whole lot of fun!

Suggested Equipment:

  • Camping gear
  • Reserve parachute
  • Cold & warm weather gear
  • A positive attitude 
  • Garmin in reach mini 2 or comparable recovery device
  • SENA 50R or 50S Bluetooth pack for in-flight communication 


This trip is completely weather dependent and we have planned them when the weather is usually the most consistent. That being said, there is no guarantee that the weather is going to be good for the trip. We have alternative locations we will travel to for good flying, but it is never guaranteed. This trip is not refundable but we will transfer your credit to future dates if needed. 

Rental Equipment:

We highly recommend bringing your own equipment, at least your glider, but if that's not possible we do have rental equipment available. This equipment consists of MacFly paramotors & Parajet Paramotors with Vittorazi Moster 185's and Off-Grid Aviation throttles. Our wing inventory consists of Ozone Mojo PWR's and Ozone Spyder 3's. We do have front mount reserve parachutes (135kg) available too. Please try to bring your reserve if possible.

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