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Quick Release Harness System

Quick Release Harness System

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The quick-release harness system is something we can now sew into almost any harness on the market. This system makes getting in and out of the harness easier and quicker. The biggest benefit of a quick-release harness system is for pilots flying over water. This will make getting out of the paramotor in case of a water landing easier, safer, and quicker.

We have been flying this system and have not found it to change the overall comfort of the harness. The harness doesn't add any uncomfortable pressure in the lower region when walking, on takeoff, during foot drags, or on landing.

This system is also not easy to release unintentionally. It requires a fair amount of force to release and has a double-locking system (metal and velcro). It will not release without your deliberate motion to release it.

This system is being sewn in by a professional Ultralite manufacturer with over 50 years of experience here in Salt Lake City, Utah. The quality of the sewing and quick-release system itself is unmatched. This system is also not reversible, so once it's sewn on, it cannot be reversed back to the stock buckle system. There is no weight change between this system and the stock buckle system.


    How It Works:

    This system is not something you can install yourself. Once you order this system you will need to remove and ship the harness directly to us. Once you place the order for the harness system you will receive shipping information. You will cover the shipping to us, we will cover the shipping back to you. Once you've removed your harness and shipped it to us, we will install the system and ship it back to you. We cover the return shipping cost. The average turnaround time is 5-7 business days.

    1. Remove the harness from your paramotor
    2. Ship harness directly to us (you cover this shipping)
    3. Quick-release harness is installed
    4. Harness shipped back to you (we cover this shipping)
    5. Install back onto your paramotor


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