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All Of The Fun For A Whole Lot Less Money

Experience the true freedom of flight without the hassle and cost of traditional aviation. No annual checkups, inspections, or medicals.

Fly on your terms.


Your Ticket To Fun

Fly over 100 miles on a tank of gas, climb to 18,000 feet, and launch from your backyard (literally).

Call or Text - (801) 599-1684

Explore Where Few Ever Have

With a paramotor there is no limit to what you can explore. Discover hidden rivers, canyons, lakes, and more.

Adventure Is Waiting

Adventure becomes more then just a dream it becomes your way of life. Bring camping gear and enjoy some "fly camping" in places you never thought you would.

Call or Text - (801) 599-1684

Safety First.

Paramotors are one of the safest forms of aviation with modern equipment and training.

Very Compact

Equipment is compact enough to fit into small cars and tight spaces. No need for massive trailers or even pickup trucks.

Call or Text - (801) 599-1684

"The most fun thing I've ever done with my clothes on!"

Saying it's fun is an understatement to just how much fun it really is. Riding dirtbikes is fun, skiing is fun, but flying paramotors is a whole new level of fun.

Here's what we have to offer:

  • Paramotor Training


    6 Students

    3 Instructors

    Ages 10-70 Welcome

    All Equipment Provided

    Over 400 Students Trained

  • Paramotors For Sale

    Limitless Paramotors

    Parajet Paramotors

    Iris Paramotors

    Scout Paramotors

    Kangook Paramotors

    And More...

  • Paragliders For Sale

    Ozone Paragliders

    Dudek Paragliders

    Sky Paragliders

    BDG Paragliders

    ITV Paragliders

    And More...


Have Questions?

If you have any questions or would like to get started, we would be more then happy to help! Our team is full time and available 7 days a week. Please, don't hesitate to call us anytime!

Call or Text - (801) 599-1684
Email - Info@BackcountryPPG.com