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Backcountry PPG

Beginner Paramotor Training

Beginner Paramotor Training

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Meet Backcountry PPG

Here at Backcountry PPG, we are a full-time paramotor training school with one goal…

…to get you flying - SAFELY.

Over the last decade we have had the privilege of teaching over 400 students and in the process we have learned a few things about building pilots. Our school is refined, structured, and run like a well-oiled machine. We’ve developed an exact formula for taking a student from step 1 to 100 in the safest and most effective way possible. 

We only do - what actually makes sense.

Every part of our training has been refined, tweaked, and improved to make sure you learn what you need to know and most importantly retain and remember that information. During the class, you will learn everything from glider control to rules, regulations, airspace, motor maintenance, and of course - how to safely fly a paramotor.

It’s our goal that when you leave our training, you are completely prepared for whatever life throws your way.

The training is held just south of Salt Lake City, Utah at a small airport called Cedar Valley Airport. Students who attend this training come from as far as Iceland to learn from our team of certified USPPA instructors. This training is for students who are eager to learn, ready to fly, and know absolutely nothing.

In fact - sometimes the less you know, the better!

Don’t worry, all the equipment you need to attend the training is provided for you. We do not want you to feel like you have to purchase anything before or even during the training. Come try it, fly it, and then decide if you wanna buy it!

The training is 10 days, and it’s best to just do it all at once. During these 10 days, you will spend roughly 5-7 days on the ground learning how to completely control your wing regardless of the wind and weather. 

We want you to master control before you ever leave the ground.

We take a step-by-step approach and introduce every piece before you fly. Meaning, you’ll get comfortable with the motor, throttle, helmet, and radio before it’s "go time." We want to work out all the newness before your feet leave the ground.

Once you have gained the required skills to start flying - it’s "go time."

As you start flying it’s all about repetition and building your confidence. We want you to leave training with as many flights as humanly possible (even if that’s in the hundreds). Once you start getting more and more flights, we start helping you less and less because...

...the goal is independence and we want you to be able to fly without any help.

By the 10th day, you'll be tired and smiling because the dream you’ve had for years has finally come true. Learning to fly can be difficult and there will be ups and downs. 

But in the end - it will be the most rewarding thing you will ever do.

Please contact Trevor if you have any questions: 
Call or text - (801-599-1684)
Email -






  • 10-Days 
  • 6 Students max (strict)
  • 3 Instructors
  • 10 Years Experience
  • 400+ Students Trained
  • 50+ Students Trained Every Year
  • Ages 10-70 are welcome
  • Certified USPPA Instructors
  • Equipment use provided
  • No Equipment Purchase Needed
  • Hosted in Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Taught by Trevor Steele & the Backcountry PPG team 
  • Receive a PPG2 rating (if requested) (not required)
  • 60+ Page ground school manual is provided


Backcountry PPG is the perfect combination of intense and fun! 


At Backcountry PPG we have a very structured and systematic approach to how we run our training. We don't waste time, we don't cut corners, and we don't leave you wondering what's next. Every step is laid out and all work together to achieve the same goal - safely getting you flying.




Our Philosophy On Paramotor Training:

Please read this section :)

At Backcountry PPG our number one focus is on teaching glider control. During the training program, students will spend upward of 50 hours hooked into a wing learning to keep control in every situation, weather condition, and style.

It's our goal that by the end of the 10 days, you have learned how to keep complete control regardless of what's happening to you, the wing, or the weather.

Over the last decade of teaching people to fly, we have learned that the more glider control skill you have, the safer you will be and the more fun you will have! 

One of our unique teaching methods is what we call "introduce every step." This is where we will slowly introduce every new step, piece, and part before your first flight. You will spend time with the motor on, the throttle in your hand, and the helmet and radio in your ear, all before you take your first flight.

By doing this it means that when you do take your first flight, the only new part is that your feet leave the ground. This makes first flights easier, safer, and more fun!

In addition to teaching you how to fly, we also work hard teaching our students all the other "must-know" things about flying paramotors. During the classroom training, we teach you all the other fun stuff in the most simple and easy-to-remember way possible. 

We also provide a 60+ page ground school book and detailed skills checklist to every student so they can continue to reference and learn even after the training.

There is no secret sauce, only hard work, dedication, lots of passion, and a burning desire to improve every minute of every day.

A true "no-brainer" for pilots who are serious about getting safe paramotor training.





    What We Teach:

    Hands-On Training:

    • How to safely reverse launch in a variety of weather conditions
    • How to safely forward launch in a variety of conditions and environments
    • Extensive reverse and forward kiting techniques
    • Advanced light wind and high wind kiting
    • Collapse prevention and recovery
    • Stall feel, prevention, and recovery 
    • No hands reverse kiting
    • Advanced loading control & pitch control
    • Basic motor maintenance and tuning
    • Motor startup and warmup
    • Motor maintenance and tuning
    • Advanced motor and glider dynamics (the ins and outs)
    • And more (we have a 7 page step-by-step checklist that outlines exactly what we work on)


    Classroom Training:

    • FAR 103 
    • Understanding of airspace 
    • Advanced weather understanding and reading
    • Sectional map reading and understanding
    • When to use a reserve and how to use it
    • General safety habits and protocols
    • How to safely progress after training
    • The do's and do not's of flying paramotors
    • How to safely fly with other pilots
    • Risk vs reward when flying
    • And more

    Provided for every student is a 60+ page ground school manual that goes through the entire ground school in extensive detail. This is so students can continue to study, learn, and remember all of the information taught at the training.


    Where We Do The Training:

    Our training facility is located in Salt Lake City, Utah in the summer and in other southern locations for the winter. You will fly into Salt Lake City International Airport or drive into Salt Lake City itself for the training. Exact addresses will be provided once you have signed up.


    Training Location Philosophy:

    Over the last 10 years of teaching on both beach locations and inland locations, we have learned that they both have their pros and cons. Throughout our experience, we learned that on average, inland training produces better all-around pilots. Beach training offers better conditions for ground handling but rarely offers good conditions for light wind forward inflations which is how most people will fly at home. On the flip side, inland training is great for learning forward inflations and for flying in more realistic flying environments but doesn't offer as much smooth wind for practicing. 

    At Backcountry PPG we try our best to have a great combination of the two. We use a few different locations around the Salt Lake City area that offer great kiting conditions so you can get the glider control practice you need and low wind days for mastering forward inflations. 






    Meet Your Instructor:

    The primary instructor at Backcountry PPG is Trevor Steele! Trevor started flying paramotors in 2012 at the age of only 13 years old. Trevor quickly progressed and over the years got thousands and thousands of hours of flight time in conditions ranging from backcountry mountain flying to high wind beach flying, and everything in between.

    Trevor has spent over 8 years teaching paramotor training at another well-known paramotor school before going off on his own. Over those 8 years, he learned what it takes to build a great pilot in a safe way.

    Trevor's combination of passion for flying and experience in this sport helps him teach students with all different backgrounds all looking to do different things.

    In addition to Trevor, there will be several other instructors there to help you along the way. They all have very different backgrounds and unique ways of teaching the same information which helps students learn more and faster.




    Package Deals:

    At Backcountry PPG we offer a "one and done" paramotor package deal for our students. This package deal gives our students a $609 discount for purchasing all of the equipment at once. This discount is valid up from when you sign up until the last day of training. We do have other packages ranging from around $12,000-$17,000


    $8,612 Limitless Paramotor
    $980 Ozone Angel SQ Reserve
    $4,100 Ozone Spyder 3 
    $3,147 Beginner Paramotor Training
    $250 Shipping
    -$609 "One and Done" discount
    $16,480 Total Price


    Here's the deal - you do not need to purchase this package before the training but for those that do you will have the ability to get comfortable with it, break in the engine, and adjust it to you before class starts. This means you will be ready to start flying the day you get home from training vs having to wait until the gear arrives. Equipment usually takes 2-4 weeks from when you order to when it's delivered. Custom colors and other variations can change that delivery time.

    Now I know what you might be thinking - "How do I know if this right gear for me?"

    That is a great question and for some, this might not be the best setup for you and that's why it's important for us to have a conversation before deciding on anything. We don't want to sell you something that isn't the perfect fit for you.

    However, we have spent years with every piece of equipment and have found that in our opinion and often our student's opinions, this is the best stuff for new pilots. Most of the students who wait until the end of the training, end up purchasing this exact setup.

    We believe in it, we stand by it, and we recommend it.


    How To Sign Up:

    Please give us a call at - (801-599-1684) before signing up for the training. Once you have done so please add the training to the cart and follow the checkout instructions! Once completed we will promptly email over some additional details and help answer all of your questions! 

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