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Trevor Steele - Founder / Owner

  • USPPA Instructor Administrator 
  • USPPA Instructor
  • USPPA Tandem Trike & Foot Launch Pilot
  • USHPA P3 Pilot
  • Certified Vittorazi Rep

Trevor Steele is the founder of Backcountry PPG and has been flying paramotors & paragliders long before he could even drive a car. Trevor started flying in August of 2012 at the ripe old age of 13 years oldand before long he was flying every chance he could. His uncle owned a paramotor school and by June of 2013 Trevor was helping teach along side his uncle. In June of 2014 Trevor was doing tandems and it was clear paramotoring was becoming more and more a part of Trevors life. In 2018 Trevor went full time as an instructor and helping run his uncles paramotor company. By 2020 he was running both the school and the business and in July of 2022 he left his uncles company to start his own business - Backcountry PPG. Trevor is a well known paramotor pilot with a slew of paramotor related achievements under his belt. He is a certified USPPA instructor and when Trevor is not flying, or teaching, he is posting YouTube videos on his channel with the goal of helping the community. 


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