Meet Our Team

Trevor Steele - Founder & Instructor

Trevor Steele, the founder of Backcountry PPG, has been involved in the world of paramotors and paragliders since before he could even legally drive. His journey into flying began in August 2012, when he was a mere 13 years old. Quickly, he became passionate about flying and seized every opportunity to take to the skies. His uncle, who owned a paramotor school, played a pivotal role in Trevor's development. By June 2013, Trevor was already assisting his uncle in teaching others.

As time went on, Trevor's involvement in paramotoring deepened. In June 2014, he began conducting tandem flights, highlighting how paramotoring was steadily becoming an integral part of his life. In 2018, Trevor made the leap to become a full-time instructor and played a significant role in managing his uncle's paramotor company. By 2020, he had taken on the responsibility of overseeing both the school and the business.

In July 2022, Trevor embarked on a new adventure, leaving his uncle's company behind to establish his own venture, Backcountry PPG. With a wealth of experience and numerous paramotor-related achievements to his name, Trevor is a well-respected figure in the paramotor community. He holds certification as a USPPA instructor, and when he's not up in the air or teaching, you can find him creating informative YouTube videos on his channel, dedicated to supporting and enriching the paramotor community.

Trevors social media:
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Judson Graham - Videographer & Instructor

Judson Graham is a versatile professional who excels as our full-time videographer, filmmaker, YouTube sensation, Instagram influencer, and instructor. Since 2018, he has been actively involved in the world of flight, and his skills as a pilot are truly remarkable, making him one of the most impressive aviators we've ever encountered.

Beyond his exceptional flying abilities, Judson is a gifted filmmaker and photographer, showcasing his talents in capturing the beauty and excitement of flight. His enthusiasm for aviation, filmmaking, and the sheer joy of the experience is unmistakable and shines through in everything he does.

Judson's social media:
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Mike Wingard - Mechanic & Instructor

Mike Wingard is the driving force behind the functionality of our motors. His extensive expertise and experience in engine mechanics enable him to maintain the performance of motors both on and off the field. He embarked on his flying journey in late 2018, and his infectious passion for engines, 2-stroke oil, flying, one wheels, and simply having a good time is truly inspiring. 


Jordan Schanze - Instructor

Jordan's flying dates back to 2006/7 when he started kiting at the ripe ole age of 6 years old. It wasn't long before he started to pick up on the skills and was already incredible at kiting by the age of 7. He took lots of short paragliding flights between the years of 7 and 10 where he took his first ever paramotor flight. His love for flying runs through his veigns and he loves nothing more than pulling strings and playing with fabric. He is a truly gifted pilot, incredible instructor, and an incredible young man. We are honored to have you as part of our team and excited to share the training field and sky with you Jordan!

Jordan's social media:
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