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Backcountry PPG

Adventure Paramotor Package

Adventure Paramotor Package

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Everything you need, for your next adventure.

Introducing the ultimate adventure package! This package provides everything you need to kickstart your next thrilling adventure, no matter where it takes you. Whether you're venturing deep into the backcountry, exploring remote canyons, or conquering mountain peaks, this package has you covered. 

Our package setup is the top choice of 95% of our students, surpassing competing brands, makes, and models. It represents the pinnacle of quality and performance. It's your all-in-one solution for embarking on your journey into the world of aviation. It includes the motor for your flights, the wing that will carry you through the skies, the essential training you'll receive, the reserve parachute for your safety, and some fantastic bonus additions to enhance your experience.

PLEASE call Trevor before placing your order - (801-599-1684)



As a thank you for your business and support to Backcountry PPG, we include several discounts and bonuses for the purchase of a complete package.

$600 off the total package price.

Plus FREE shipping on all purchased items:

  • $250 for paramotor shipping + shipping insurance
  • $60 for wing shipping + shipping insurance
  • $20 for reserve + shipping insurance
  • All items in the Basic Starter Kit
  • + Any additional items added to the package

$330+ total value included FREE

PLUS we also include our basic starter pack FREE which includes the following:

  • $19 Windsock
  • $49 Windsock pole
  • $14 Mixing bottle
  • $90 Gallon of Redline Racing 2-stroke oil
  • $35 Legal paramotor strobe
  • $30 Fly Racing gloves
  • $10 S-Carabiner size 4
  • $50 VP Racing fuel can
  • $10 Fuel can hose addon
  • $100 Custom brake toggles
  • $30 Backcountry PPG T-Shirt
  • $10 Backcountry PPG sticker pack
  • $15 Backcountry PPG paramotor poster

$472+ total value included FREE

Total discount and bonuses of over $1,402 in value!



$9,404 MacFly Paramotor
$4,250 Ozone Spyder 3
$3,450 Beginner Training
$980 Ozone Angel Reserve
-$600 Training Discount
$0 Shipping ($330 value)
$0 Starter kit ($467 value)
$17,484 TOTAL

Other motors, wings, and reserves can be exchanged from what's advertised. The current configuration is our top-of-the-line recommendation and what we personally fly and recommend. There are other more affordable options that can be discussed upon request. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

Discounts are only valid if the package is purchased all at once. Discounts are also only valid with the purchase of new equipment, not used equipment.



MacFly Paramotor - The MacFly Paramotor is without a doubt, the best flying paramotor we have found. The geometry, build quality, and "small things" make the MacFly one of the best units money can buy. The carbon fiber torque fins not only give it that "look" that we all dream of, but help make the paramotor fly that much better. Little to no torque steer, amazing weight-shift and some of the best weight distribution for ground handling, makes the MacFly a dream machine.

Ozone Spyder 3 - If we had to use only 1 word to describe the Spyder 3, it would be EFFORTLESS. The Ozone Spyder 3 is made out of extremely lightweight material and is designed to be simple, easy, and forgiving for new pilots. The brake range is deep, the launch is effortless, and the landing is as smooth as they come. Flying with a Spyder 3 is easy, simple, and extremely fun.

Beginner Training - Our 10-day beginner paramotor training is designed to get you flying safely, confidently, and comfortably. Our training has a very structured syllabus that focuses on what's important without ever skipping a step. Our team of full-time instructors have been teaching for over a decade and are here to get you flying 24/7.

Ozone Angel Reserve - The angel reserve is something we hope you never have to use, but are beyond grateful to have if you need it. The angel reserve is a lightweight round parachute that is quickly deployed with a slow soft descent. The angel reserve will be there whenever you need it. (hopefully, you never do)

Training Discount - We appreciate our customers and this is our way of showing that. As a thank you for your business and support, we offer a discount to anyone who purchases the entire package. Thank you.

Shipping - Shipping on all items purchased is included FREE in the package purchase. This includes any additional items added to the package.

Basic Starter Kit - we also include our basic starter pack FREE. See above for more details on this.



$325 Apco first kiting harness
$325 Spare propeller
$1,600 Ozone Roadrunner (kiting wing)
$600+ Carbon fiber helmet
$300 Quick-release harness
$2,550 MacFly Mini Trike
$250 Custom Ozone Spyder 3 colors

Don't forget shipping on any additional items added to the package is FREE if purchased with the package.   



To place an order for the Adventure Paramotor Package, please contact Trevor directly. 

Trevor Steele
Call or Text: (801-599-1684)


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