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"Game-Changer" Toggles

"Game-Changer" Toggles

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Watch this video to learn more:


  • All colors are in stock 
  • Manufactured in-house in Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Smaller overall size from standard stock toggles
  • Designed for 2-3 fingers
  • Lower and upper holding position
  • Shorter distance from brake line to finger position
  • Separate brake and tip steer attachment points
  • Can be flown without the tip steer tied in
  • Comes in a set 
  • Comes with the riser magnet

We couldn't stand the stock toggles on the marketplace, so we made our own. After 6 months and nearly a dozen prototypes, the new Game Changer Toggles, or "TAWGS," were born. These are designed for paramotor pilots, by paramotor pilots, for paramotoring.

Here's what one of our customers had to say:


There are 4 main benefits of the Game-Changer Toggles:

1. The first thing is the reduced size of them. Unlike most stock toggles, which you could fit your foot through, these are designed to be flown by 2, maybe 3 fingers. We went with this size because most paramotor pilots fly with only 2 or 3 fingers while using the throttle with the other fingers. The reduced size makes it easier to manage everything in your hand without weird overlapping or losing things. And yes, these do work with thick winter gloves!

2. The second thing that makes these such a game-changer is that the distance from your finger to the brake line itself is less. This means that your hands don't have to come down nearly as far as before to get the input you desire. This increases overall comfort and precision because pilots will now spend more time applying brakes in their "power range," which is shoulders and above, as opposed to applying brakes shoulders and below. This makes a HUGE difference.

3. The third thing that makes these such a game-changer is that you can grab "up top" or, as some say, you can "choke it" more easily. The space between the brake tie-in and the tip tie-in is designed for your two fingers to grab. This gives you even more control of the wing with less movement of your arms. This is more of a thing for advanced pilots, but it is a great way to get more flare authority and brake range without having to pull further down on your body. THESE ARE A SERIOUS game-changer. In the world of paragliding, it is common that you always fly with a wrap. That is because having the brake line physically in your fingers gives you a totally different feel and more overall control. We can't wrap with the throttle when paramotoring, so you need to be able to hold the toggle right at the brake line for the same feeling, and this does just that.

4. The fourth thing that makes these such a game-changer is the magnet. It's simple, easy, and strong. Unlike some toggles, this magnet is easy to attach and detach and won't just fall off. What more to say about them besides they are just great!


Version 1 vs Version 2 - What are the differences?

Version 1 - Version 1 is the original version launched back in December 2023. This toggle design allows for two things, first a comfortable cruising grip, and a comfortable upper grip. The separation between the two grips gives pilots the ability to choose their grip based on the flying they are doing. 


Version 2 - Version 2 is our newer design that we are just taking to the market. This design is less comfortable for cruising and not as well suited for the newer pilot. This design is made for the more advanced pilot looking to get more control of their wing. The larger separation from the brake line and tip line gives pilots the ability to twist their wrist getting more of one input or the other input. Version 2 is available in all colors.

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