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Advanced / Progression Training - Level 2

Advanced / Progression Training - Level 2

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A Safe Way Of Building Your Skill And Confidence!


Our advanced/progression training is designed to be the next step (level 2) in helping paramotor pilots improve their skills and confidence. This training can be an introduction to mountain flying, fly camping, and cross-country flying or it can be a training focused on helping you improve your launches, landings, and overall flying skills.


The goal of this training is to help you with whatever you need help with.


For Newer Pilots:

For the newer pilot, this training course is a great place for you to come and get lots of practice. This training is great for pilots who are either a little unsure of their ability or who haven't flown in a while and would like a bit of a refresher course. We are here to help you improve, get your "mojo" back, and most importantly - get your butt flying!


It's our goal to make you the best paramotor pilot we can.


A lot of the pilots who join us for our Advanced Training are just looking for additional help with their launches and landings. For these pilots, we can help tweak your techniques, show you new things, and help you improve your skills. Some students who have attended the training have gotten upwards of 100 flights in the 4 days helping them become way more confident with their launches and their landings.



For More Experienced Pilots:

For those looking for more, this training can be a great way to progress to the next level. We can help you with cross-wind launches, cross-wind landings, energy management, mountain flying, cross-country flying, fly camping, and more.

During this training, we will also be doing daily mountain flying and cross-country flights (for those ready for it). We will be venturing deep into the backcountry of the 11,000-foot mountain peaks near our LZ. These guided flights will teach pilots how to safely navigate the mountains, and identify rotor, lift, and turbulence. 


In addition to exploring the beautiful mountains of Utah, we will also plan a group fly camping trip for those prepared and ready for it. Learn how to pack, plan, and pick good locations for fly camping. The local mountains offer easy landings and comfortable camping conditions all within less than a 20-minute flight of our LZ.


We will push your limits, test your skills, and help you will leave a better overall paramotor pilot - GUARANTEED.



  • 4 Days
  • Located in Salt Lake City, Utah
  • 5 Students max (strict)
  • Must have 10 flights or more
  • Equipment rentals are available
  • Accommodations are your responsibility
  • Helmets and radios are provided if you don't have them (free of charge)


We started offering this training in 2021 and have found it to be a huge success for our students. There is little to nothing out there for the level 2 pilot looking to progress to the next step or get some additional instruction. These classes are very limited and always book up way in advance so don't hesitate to reserve your spot.


What We Teach:

  • Advanced launching and landing techniques
  • Building confidence in turbulence
  • A more advanced understanding of wind, rotor, lift, & thermals
  • Cross-country planning, mapping, and flying
  • Mountain flying basics
  • Group flying 
  • Oscillation control
  • Energy management
  • Fly camping (if ready)
  • And more!

This training course was created and designed to help all pilots regardless of their skill level. This training is all one on one where you will work hands on with our instructors helping you improve as a paramotor pilot.

You are never too new or too experienced to attend our advanced training. This course is to help tweak your skills, improve your skills, and make you a better pilot.

Please note - if you are looking to join us for some fly camping please reach out to us for a list of items we recommend you bring with you. 


Where We Do The Training:

Training will be held at a small airport 45 minutes south of Salt Lake City, Utah called Cedar Valley Airport. In addition to that location, we have over a dozen other LZs to choose from so we can switch things up based on what the students need.

Fly into Salt Lake City International Airport or drive into Salt Lake City.


If bringing your own equipment is not possible, we have equipment rentals available for $100 a day plus any damages. We do ask you bring at least your wing because it's best to get practice in on what you will be flying back at home. We will provide helmets and radios free of charge if needed. 

All equipment is welcome!


Have Questions?

As you start researching you'll find yourself having more and more questions. Our full-time team is available 7 days a week to answer any question you might have. Please don't hesitate to reach out!

Call or Text - (801) 599-1684
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