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Backcountry PPG

Progression Training / Advanced Training (level 2)

Progression Training / Advanced Training (level 2)

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A Training Designed To Make Flying Easier, Safer, And More Fun!

Our progression sessions, previously known as "advanced training" is designed to be the next step (level 2) in helping paramotor pilots improve their skills and confidence. We created this training to help pilots at every level become safer, smarter, and more successful with their flying. 

Don't let the word "advanced" scare you away. If you are wondering if this course is "too advanced" for you, it's not. This training is designed to help you with your progression, no matter what that next step is.

Maybe you are struggling with just launching or landing - we can help!
Maybe you are not sure how to progress and get better - we can help!
Or maybe you want to get better at more advanced things like wingovers, mountain flying, or xc flying - we can help!

This training course is catered to each and every student to help them with what they need/want. We are here to help you with whatever it is, you need help with.

We started offering this training in early 2021 and have found it to be a huge success for our students. Since then we've done about 1 advanced training a month and find it to be the most rewarding and fun class to teach. There is something about helping those already flying, make huge improvements and become even better pilots.

There is little to nothing out there for pilots looking to receive instruction on the next level of things. Often times you get the beginner training and then you have to figure out the rest. We wanted to offer something where you receive professional-level instruction at any level of your progression.

For Newer Pilots:

For the newer pilot, this training course is a great place for you to come and get lots of hands-on practice. This training is a great way for pilots who are a little unsure of their skills or who haven't flown in a while and would like a bit of a refresher. We are here to help you get your "mojo" back, and most importantly - get your butt flying!

For a lot of the pilots who come through this class, they are just in need of some help cleaning up their launches and their landings. Maybe it's been a few years since their class or since they last flew and they want some professional help. We love to help individuals like this and have a really good "fast-tracked" structure to help them get their mojo back. If this is you, we would love to help.

Some things we can help with:

  • Improved light wind launches
  • Improved light wind landings
  • Improved oscillation control
  • Improved throttle control
  • Improved pitch control
  • Improved in-flight safety and understanding of risk
  • Improved understanding of FAR 103
  • Improved understanding of weather
  • Improved understanding of airspace
  • USPPA PPG1 & PPG2 ratings
  • And more

For More Experienced Pilots:

For those looking for more, this training can be a great way to take your flying to the next level. During these 4-6 days we can help push your limits, test your boundaries, and help teach you the next steps in a safe way.

If you find yourself wondering what is next in your progression, or how to progress to the next step, we would love to help. A lot of the students who come through this training course want to start getting into longer cross-country flights, more intense mountain flying, or more energy management (yes barrel rolls too). We are here to help you progress into whatever it is that you'd like to progress to.

Some things we can help with:

  • Faster & smoother no wind launches
  • Cleaner & softer no wind landings
  • Cross-wind launches & landings
  • Foot-drag landings
  • Energy management
  • Wingover instruction
  • Barrel roll instruction
  • Formation flying
  • XC planning, mapping, and flying
  • Mountain flying
  • Mid-Day flying
  • Basics of thermaling
  • Turbulence tolerance 
  • USPPA PPG3 rating
  • And more

 This training is catered to you with one goal - to help you leave a better overall paramotor pilot.

Training Details:

  • 4-6 Days
  • 6 Students max (strict)
  • 2-3 Instructors (USPPA certified)
  • Located in Salt Lake City, Utah (April-October)
  • Equipment rentals are available ($100 per day for the motor, $150 for the motor and wing)
  • Accommodations are your responsibility
  • Helmets and radios are provided if you don't have them (free of charge)


Once signed up for the training you will receive a personal email from our head instructor, Trevor Steele, breaking down the exact details of the class. In addition to that, we will ask for specifics of what you are looking to work on so we can better cater the class to your specific needs.

If you sign up and find out you are not able to attend the class, we are able to move you around to future classes, even if they are a year in advance. We understand getting time of work and away from family can be difficult, and we are willing to work with you to the best of our ability.


Training Dates:

May 2-5 (FULL)
June 13-16
August 1-4
September 12-15
October 10-13

Training starts on a Thursday morning and ends on a Sunday evening.


How Long Is The Training?

Currently, our Utah-based advanced training is 4 days and our Texas-based advanced training is 6 days. Our Texas-based training is 2 days longer due to our stronger focus on glider control/ground handling for the first few days. It is also to account for any additional bad weather days or blown-out days. 

Logistics - The way we schedule the classes is with a travel day accounted for on both ends. For example, our October 25-30 class would start training on October 26 and end on October 29 with a travel day on October 25 and a travel day on October 30. 


Where We Do The Training:

Salt Lake City, Utah
From the months of April-October, our training classes will be held about 45 minutes south of Salt Lake City, Utah at a small airport just outside of Eagle Mountain, Utah.

Corpus Christi, Texas
From the months of November-March, our training classes will be held just outside of Corpus Christi, Texas.

Logistics - Both our training locations do allow for camping but it is dry camping. No hookups and no water. There are Airbnb's and hotels within as little as 5-10 minutes from the training locations. We are happy to help group students together who are looking to keep lodging costs down.

Please reach out directly for the exact locations of the training:


We will have a variety of rental equipment for our students to use. We do ask that if you decide to rent gear from us that you at least bring your wing. We believe that learning on your wing is important and suggest you do your best to do so. We also strongly encourage everyone to bring and fly with a reserve parachute.

We do have motors, reserves, and wings available for rent if needed. Rental is $100 per day for a motor and $150 per day for a motor and wing plus any damages done. We do have helmets and radios free of charge for those who do not have them. Our motor fleet consists of a MacFly, PAP, Maverick, MavMax, Limitless, and more. Our wing options are the Ozone Mojo Pwr 2 and Ozone Spyder 3.

Suggested Additional Equipment:

  • SENA 50R or 50S
  • Reserve parachute

Have Questions?

As you start researching you'll find yourself having more and more questions. Our full-time team is available 7 days a week to answer any question you might have. Please don't hesitate to reach out!

Call or Text - (801) 599-1684
Email -

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