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Sky Paragliders Flux

Sky Paragliders Flux

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The Sky Flux is one of the most amazing second wings we have ever tested. It's extremely easy to launch, can cruise at very fast speeds, recovers from collapses EXTREMELY well, has a very deep brake range so you don't risk stalling it, and more! This wing is an amazing cross country focused paraglider that any pilot looking for more will enjoy.



  • Easy to launch (inflate nicely and stays above your head)
  • Simple riser setup (easy to use)
  • Great climb rate and glide
  • Very agile (comes with 2D steering)
  • Not reflex 
  • Recovers from collapses well (recovers quickly without any pilots input)
  • Deep brake range (reduces risk of stalling it and is nice for bumpy days)
  • Smooth landings (sets you down gently and at slow speeds)
  • Tame when ground handling (doesn't try to overfly you or whip stall behind you)


Comes With The Following:

  • Carry-All Bag
  • Inner Bag
  • Sky Paragliders T-Shirt
  • Repair Tape and Multi-Tool


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Flat area (m2) 21.20 22.80 24.70 26.30
Flat span (m) 10.50 10.90 11.33 11.70
Flat aspect ratio 5.20 5.20 5.20 5.20
Projected surface (m2) 18.83 20.32 21.94 23.39
Projected span (m) 8.70 9.04 9.40 9.70
Projected aspect ratio 4.02 4.02 4.02 4.02
Number of cells 53 53 53 53
Weight of the glider (kg) 4.85 5.15 5.40 5.60
Take-off weight (kg) 60-90 80-110 100-130 120-150
Certification DGAC / EN 926-1 DGAC / EN 926-1 DGAC / EN 926-1 DGAC / EN 926-1
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