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Backcountry PPG

Sky Paragliders CIMA PWR

Sky Paragliders CIMA PWR

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Stupid Easy To Launch and Land, Playful, And Most Importantly, SAFE.


The Sky Cima Pwr is the wing we have been dreaming of for YEARS! It's stupid safe, purpose built, easy to launch, fun to play with, very responsive, and performs very well! By far, this wing is our GO-TO for new pilots or pilots who want maximum safety and maximum fun! We find ourselves flying this wing more than any other wing because we know that when things go wrong, it has our back.

  • Stupid easy to launch (easy inflation, deep brake range, lots of lift)
  • Very stable in turbulence and bumps (soaks them up well)
  • Very collapse resistant 
  • Very good collapse recovery 
  • Agile 
  • Made from skytex water repellant fabric
  • Reinforced leading edge
  • Reinforced lines for additional strength
  • 4.47 Aspect Ratio

Comes With The Following:

  • Carry-All Bag
  • Inner Bag
  • Sky Paragliders T-Shirt
  • Repair Tape and Multi-Tool



The Cima pwr has one of the most simple and easy to use risers on the market! It's sleek, simple, and right to the point! The brakes toggles are the best we have found, trim buckles are easy to use and hold in place, and the lines are reinforced and stand up to hours and hours of abuse! The leading edge is reinforced and overall the wing is build to last you years!



The Cima Pwr kites very well. It has a deep brake range before entering into a stall, and once stalled if you throw your hands up it instantly recovers. The inputs are progressive which is nice because it gets increasingly harder to pull the brakes as you pull them. It doesn't just try to over fly you and collapse, and it also doesn't just stall out of the sky. The wing inflates easy in all wind conditions and once above you it just wants to float up there like it's full of helium. 



The Cima Pwr is stupid easy to launch. The inflation is also "dummy-proof" and even if you are set up slightly cross wind, it just floats up into the sky where it's made to be. The wing loves to fly and won't just fall out of the sky once above you. The brake range is deep which means if you are launching heavy, in a tight spot, or you just make mistakes then you don't run the risk of stalling or spinning it on launch. The take-off distance is great and you can be up and in the air in no time. By far, this wing is one of the easiest to launch that we have EVER tested!



For being a beginner class wing, this thing handles like a champ! It's forgiving for the new pilots, but playful for the experienced pilots. Get into it and it will crank, yank, and bank! This wing is playful enough for experienced pilots to enjoy and safe enough for new pilots to fly! 



The FLARE is insane! Hit those brakes and you will float and float and float as if the wing is telling you it doesn't want to land! Touch down at slow speeds, set down as soft as a feather, and once down watch and the Cima Pwr just hangs out in the air waiting for more! We've enjoyed launching and landing the Cima Pwr on high-elevation mountain tops with ease!



The Cima Pwr has great cruising speed and accelerated speed. You can easily keep up with your friends on their reflex wings, and get from point A to B quickly. 



 The Cima Pwr is very efficient and doesn't burn a lot of fuel both cruising and accelerated. This wing is a great option for an entirely level cross country wing, mountain flying wing, and backcountry flying wing!



The Cima Pwr does a great job at soaking up bumps and making you feel safe and sound. It almost acts like suspension on a car, in the sense that it eats up bumps, stays open, and makes you feel safe! The feedback is good and the Cima Pwr does let you know whats going on and loves pilot input. 



Collapse? What collapse? I didn't see any collapse! 

One of the coolest things about the Cima Pwr is just how quickly it recovers from collapses. We have a saying and its "it recovers so fast you don't even have enough time to look up at it." Which means, the Cima Pwr will fully recover from a collapse so fast that you don't even have enough time to look up at the wing before it's already recovered! Knowing the wing is safe and has you back is a great confidence boost when you venture off into the backcountry, flying in rowdy conditions, push the limits, and flying outside of your comfort zone! 



This wing is for the newer pilot that wants something that is STUPID easy to launch, extremely user-friendly, extremely safe, and fun! This is a wing that pilots won't out grow quickly and when you find yourself wanting a little more, it has more to offer. This is our "go-to" wing for the bumpy days, the days we are pushing deep into the backcountry, and the days we want a smooth and calm ride!


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Flat Surface (m2) 19.75 21.37 23.12 25 27.13 29.34
Flat Span (m) 9.39 9.77 10.17 10.57 11.01 11.45
Flat Aspect Ratio 4.47 4.47 4.47 4.47 4.47 4.47
Project Surface (m2) 16.83 18.21 19.70 21.3 23.12 25.01
Project Span (m) 8.02 8.34 8.67 9.02 9.4 9.78
Project Aspect Ratio 3.82 3.82 3.82 3.82 3.82 3.82
Number of cells 42 42 42 42 42 42
Glider weight (kg) 4.3 4.45 4.65 4.8 5.0 5.2
Take-off weight (kg) 50-85 60-100 70-120 80-140 95-160 115-180
Certification EN 926-1 DGAC / EN 926-1 DGAC / EN 926-1 DGAC / EN 926-1 DGAC / EN 926-1 EN 926-1
Max. load at 6G (kg) 206 206 206 206 206 206
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