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Backcountry PPG

Parajet Maverick

Parajet Maverick

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  • 54 Pounds dry
  • Dudek comfort power seat harness
  • 125 cm E-Prop
  • Multiple color options
  • Titanium frame and cage
  • 12 Liter or 18 liter gas tank options
  • Polini throttle
  • Vittorazi Moster 185 Plus MY22
  • Reserve not included


The Gold Standard Of Paramotors

The Parajet Maverick is one of the most sought-after paramotors of all time. It's a well build and extremely well-balanced flying machine. The team at Parajet has a long history of building paramotors including one that took Bear Grills up Mt. Everest in 2007. 

Cage & Frame - The Maverick is built mostly out of titanium which makes lightweight and durable. The cage is on the smaller size and only fits a 125cm prop. The smaller cage and frame means it fits into tight spaces and doesn't feel as bulky on your back.

Playful Weight-shift - The Parajet Maverick has very a smooth weight-shift feel. It's often regarded as "playful" because it's easy to toss back and forth with little to no effort. They are smooth, effortless, and effective.

Comfort - The Parajet Maverick is often a customer's top choice for how comfortable and easy they are to handle on the ground. The weight sits high and close to your back and the harness is snug and well-padded. Within only a few times of flying the Maverick, it will feel as if it just melts onto your back almost to the point where you forget you are even wearing it.

Larger Gas Tank - The Parajet Maverick comes with two different gas tank options. A larger 4.5-gallon (18 liters) gas tank and a smaller 3-gallon (12 liters) gas tank option. 


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