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The SOLOS is a light & sleek reversible harness design with technical features throughout. Comfortable and intuitive to fly, it is ideal for pilots of all levels.

  • Low volume, slim profile
  • Compact, All-In-One Harness / Rucksack
  • Light reversible design for pilots of all levels
  • 3.3kg incl. carabiners, speed bar, rescue pod (M size)


A hybrid leg-strap / seatboard design provides a precise feel in flight, with easy weight-shift control and comfortable feedback. The seatboard is removable if weight-savings are a priority, and in this configuration the SOLOS remains agile and comfortable.

The harness structure and geometry is clean, simple, and adjustments are intuitive.


The Solos offers excellent back protection certified to the EN standard with a choice of the standard foam protector or the innovative inflatable protector. The lightweight inflatable protector – as seen in the Solos Lite and F*Race – offers similar levels of protection to the foam, but weighs less and significantly reduces the overall packed volume.

In our comparisons, overall both protectors proved to be superior to reversible airbag designs, especially during the take-off procedure.


In the words of the Ozone R&D Team, the SOLOS steering characteristics feel “fluid, yet accurate”. Weight shifting through a turn or maneuver feels natural.


The SOLOS back support structure is substantial for such a light harness. It is comfortable in reclined or upright flying positions, allowing you to relax and enjoy the flight.

Hike & Fly

The Solos is designed for Hike & Fly pilots who carry a bit more than a typical ultralight kit. Converting from harness to the comfortable and well-appointed backpack is simple and fast, with the harness stored in a compact configuration inside the back pocket. The conversion is sleek and simple: you can leave your hydration in place, there is a zipped hip pocket, a large zipped pocket and lycra pocket on the sides, three compression straps for an even and compact carry-mode, and an effective waist belt.

The SOLOS is available in S, M, and L sizes, in two color options.


Height up to 175 cm 170-185 cm 180 cm +
Weight * 3.3kg *


* Weights may vary up to 50gm per size due to slight variations in the manufacturing of the fabric used.

  • EN Certified to 120Kg
  • Harness in M weight with carabiners, rescue riser, pod rescue, removable seat plate; rescue handle, speed bar: 3.3kg (approximately)
  • Removable seat plate: 125gr
  • Foam-bag: 350gr


  • Bag: Ripstop Nylon, Oxford 210 denier
  • Harness: Ripstop Nylon, Oxford 210 denier, Eva foam 5 mm 10mm
  • Buckles: Austrialpin HSI50
  • Rescue riser : dyneema 6mm
  • Webbing: Gurth and Wolf 25mm; Technisangle 15mm
  • Carabiners: Edelrid Foras


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