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MacFly Mini Trike

MacFly Mini Trike

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Mini Trike Details:

  • 25 Pounds
  • Attachable To Any MacFly Frame
  • Easy To Assemble
  • Titanium Build
  • $2,550 delivered to you

The MacFly Mini trike is a great option for any MacFly pilot who is looking to add wheels to their paramotor. This trike can be attached to any of the MacFly frames (travel, folding, classic). It is best if you plan to use this trike to also add the reinforcement bar to your cage and a second prop spacer. The classic and folding cages are a better fit for the trike, but with titanium spars, the travel cage does work well with the trike (that's what we use). 

We have been very impressed with this trike so far (30+ hours). For only 25 pounds it is shockingly strong and has handled student use and abuse. The attachments points are strong and struts have handled anything we have thrown at it. We have yet to find any "weak" spots on it which is shocking for it's weight. We have also been very impressed with how stable the trike feels while taxing. The seat is firmly fixed and the pilots doesn't slop around or "dance" as we call it. The larger wheels roll very well on sand, dirt, gravel, grass, and concrete. 

We have found that it is best to run a slightly smaller prop with this trike on the travel cage. We are running a 150cm travel cage and find the 130cm prop is better for not catching lines. We've also added as secondary prop spacer to increase the clearance from the prop to the reinforcement bar.



  • With or without a seat (we recommend the seat)
  • Small or large tires (we recommend the large tires)
  • Reinforcement bar (we recommend it)
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