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Backcountry PPG



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The Most Stable Full Blooded Reflex Wing We Have Ever Flown

The ITV Piper is one insanely stable, fast, agile, and user-friendly wing! The Piper is a full reflex wing which makes it very stable and collapse resistant but the difference with the Piper compared to most other full blooded reflex wings, is just how stupid stable it is. It has a deep brake range, is extremely collapse resistant, and handles any and every weather condition you can throw it's way. The Piper is an easy to launch and land wing that cruises at a ludicrous speed and handles like a dream. 


Unlike most full blooded reflex wings, the Piper is not the kind of wing you only fly in "perfect" conditions. The way it's designed it's capable of chopping through the toughest mountain air, thermals, wake, sink, lift, and more. We've pushed the limits of the piper through the backcountry mountains of Utah and it has handled everything very well.



The Piper is shockingly fun to use while kiting! It has a very deep brake range which allows pilots to pull as much as they need without just whip stalling or spinning it out of the sky. It also produces a lot of lift and is even a fun wing to use for light soaring and playing on sand dunes/hills. Trims all the way in (down) and the Piper is very stable and easy to handle. The inflations are easy and the wing just wants to fly. Once above you head, regardless of wind speed, the piper just wants to float and float and float. It will pop up like a rocket and hover above you as if it's not even there! Trim the Piper up and that's when you get to see the beautiful side of the reflex profile. Trimmed all the way out and the piper won't frontal on you like a traditional paraglider would. It simply floats over you and comes back to a loaded and flying position. One other cool thing with the Piper is that even trimmed out you can use the brakes while in flight or on the ground. Most reflex wings do not allow for using the brakes while trimmed out without causing a collapse, but not the piper! Hammer down on the brakes and laugh about it! The Piper is easy to handle and fun to use! Soar things, climb things, and practice your glider control skill with ease while using the Piper!



The Piper is a very easy wing to launch for how fast it is! The inflation is easy as can be when trimmed correctly and once up the Piper loves to just STAY UP! One really cool characteristic with the Piper is how much it loves to stay above your head! If your launches aren't super clean, or you make a mistakes, it won't just come falling out of the sky and hit the ground. It loves to stay up, and fly! Once you start running the piper has a very deep brake range which is nice for avoiding obstacles, keeping yourself from falling on your face, and for getting airborne at a comfortable speed!



The Piper turns on a DIME! The roll is insane and the Piper loves to yank and bank! You can easily pull face-smashing G-Forces with ease! The Piper is also auto stable which means if you let go it will go back to flat and level flight! It also has almost NO OSCILLATION which is super nice! Point the direction you want to go, and you'll go that way. Wingovers, loops, spirals, and low acro are a piece of cake with the Piper! 



The Piper has the most INSANE flare we have ever tested! Swoop landings go on and on and on and it's almost as if you never touch the ground! The Piper has one of the deepest brake ranges and the flare authority is insane. Touch the brake a little bit and you start to float up and away from the ground. This is super nice because it makes for very slow and very soft landings. The Flare seems to just NEVER END!



The Piper gives the most "jet fighter" feeling of any paraglider we have ever flown before! It screams trims down and trims up is ludicrous! Dive through the trees, care the river, climb the mountain, and do so all while screaming through the sky! The speed range of the Piper is also quite impressive! Cruise at a more comfortable speed trims down and an insane speed trims up! One cool thing with the Piper is that you can actually use the brakes when trimmed all the way out without causing a collapse! If you've never done a foot drag at 40+ mph then you are missing out!

Tested speed - 4,500 feet, 113kg, 18m piper 
Trims down - 33 mph
Trims up - 43 mph
Trims and bar - not tested



The Piper is actually a fun paragliding wing too! It does like to drink gas but it doesn't just fall out of the sky. The glide slope and sink rate is quite good and the Piper can be used to ridge soar, thermal fly, and go on longer cross country flights!



The Piper handles turbulence INCREDIBLY well! The Piper soaks up and acts like "suspension" in the bumps almost "eating up" the bumps before they ever reach you! This leads to a smoother and more stable feeling in flight. The Piper can handle anything you throw it's way! We've taken it deep into the mountains of Utah during some of the nastiest weather imaginable and it handles it like a champ! The deep brake range makes it easy to keep the glider loaded and open without worrying about stalling or spinning the glider! The Piper has never let us down and out of all the crazy slalom wings out there, the Piper can definitely handle the most turbulence.



 The piper is an incredible wing for pilots who love a playful and stable wing! It can handle any weather conditions you throw its way while also having an insane roll rate and maneuverability. It's a great cross country wing, play-around wing, and everyday wing!



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