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Backcountry PPG



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Simple Launches, Soft Landings, Incredible Performance, and Lightning Speed.


The ITV Baja is a beginner EN-A-rated wing (we call it a level 1 wing). This glider is a great wing for new pilots who want a STUPID SAFE WING! It's easy to use, launches and lands gently, is playful, auto stable, and is very forgiving to newbie mistakes! This glider is our go-to wing for our training school in Salt Lake City, Utah! The ease of use and forgiving nature of this wing makes learning for new pilots very easy and most importantly, safe!


Our team of pilots has run the BAJA through the paces and pushed every limit it has! We've taken it mid-day thermaling, cross country mountain flying, ridge soaring, through a gust front (it was gnarly), collapse testing, acro runs, and more! The BAJA feels solid, handles well, and is a great first or even second wing!



The risers are super simple which is nice because it's easy to keep track of! The build quality is great and the wing, lines, and risers can go through some serious abuse without wearing out. This glider can handle anything you throw its way and is built with everyday use and abuse in mind!



The BAJA kites very well! The inflations are easy at all trim settings regardless of wind conditions. The brake range is deep so newer pilots can make mistakes, yank and bank, and not worry about stalling, spinning, or whip stalling it out of the sky. Once it enters a stall if you throw your hands up it instantly recovers and returns to flying above your head. Not only can you pull lots of brake without stalling it, you can also hold the brake for long periods of time. This means if you need to make a big correction and hold it,  you won't stall it. The glider is very playful and can easily be used to soar, climb up things, learn with, and have fun with!



Launching the BAJA is easy! The risers are simple which is nice for newer pilots so you don't have to scratch your head wondering what to grab. The inflation is effortless even when launching slightly crosswind, in light wind, mild wind, and heavy wind. It comes up easy and loves to stay above your head. Once you are up and begin to run you have a very deep brake range which is nice so you can keep yourself from falling forward or tripping on obstacles. It lifts you off the ground quickly and at a very comfortable speed.



The BAJA has incredible handling for being a beginner-level glider! With very little brake the BAJA can be thrown around into light and even heavy wingovers. Low acro, diving around, wingovers, spirals, and more are all a walk in the park. Plus, the BAJA carries energy well when you need it to, but eats it up when it needs to. If you mistime something the BAJA will be there to save your butt! 



Did someone say FLARE!! The BAJA comes in light as a feather and the flare just keeps on going and going and going! You will glide across the ground for what feels like forever before setting down as light as a feather at an incredibly slow and comfortable speed. Upon touchdown, the BAJA also likes to stay above your head and float up there! This wing is a VERY nice landing wing and is very easy for newer pilots as it is forgiving and gentle! 



The BAJA is incredibly fast for a beginner-level glider and will easily keep up with the "big boy" gliders too! If you are into cross country flying and like to cover distance then the BAJA is a great go-to! Get where you want to quickly without burning an outrageous about of fuel. Once you trim the BAJA up it picks up some serious speed and can hold that speed without having to use an insane amount of throttle. Which means, if you need to outclimb something while fully accelerated, you can!



Trims down the BAJA barely even touches the gas which is nice for those longer cross country flights or those beautiful mornings where you just don't want to stop flying! Trims up it still holds a very low RPM to maintain altitude which leads to a nice fuel burn rate.

The BAJA is shockingly good at both ridge soaring, cross country flying, and thermaling. It produces a large amount of lift and likes to float and glide! It doesn't just sink out of the sky like a rock. We have comfortably taken it paragliding and although we were overloaded, it still climbed quickly and soared nicely.



The BAJA handles turbulence VERY WELL! We recently took it mountain flying mid-day when the thermals were kicking hard and it flew through the bumps without any issues! The deep brake range and slow stall speeds means pilots can comfortably and safely get into the brake range to keep the glider loaded and open without stalling the glider. It handles turbulence well and is also very resistant to collapses. We felt VERY comfortable in the rough mountain air and even went through a small gust front on it without taking a collapse or even getting nervous! It definitely feels like it's built to keep your butt safe no matter what happens.



We have done full-frontal and asymmetrical collapses on this wing and it recovers very nicely! Asymmetrical collapses recovery quickly without any input, changing direction, or losing much altitude. And within less than a second, the wing has recovered and is back to flying flat and level.

The BAJA also handles full-frontal collapses like a champ! It doesn't change direction, lose much altitude at all, and it doesn't send you diving after it recovers. With or without any input the BAJA will recover within a second or less of taking a collapse.

One other cool thing with the BAJA is that it was difficult to get to collapse! We had to pull very hard on the A's to get it to even frontal. The weight on the A's needed for the collapse was the most we've ever felt. Meaning, that it does NOT want to collapse and is VERY safe.



This wing is a GREAT wing for newer pilots! It's very forgiving, easy to use, playful, gentle, and incredibly fun! Our team loves pulling this wing out and just ripping it around and this is the "go-to" wing for the rougher air kind of days! This wing is used primarily at our training school in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is our most purchased wing after training!



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