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Backcountry PPG

ITV Awak 3

ITV Awak 3

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The Motocross Of The Air!

A very fun and playful wing for the advanced paramotor pilot. The Awak 3 is a non-reflexed freestyle-focused PG and PPG paraglider. The Awak 3 was the first wing to ever be successfully power looped also referred to as a rocket loop, which was done in September 2022.

The 20m and 17m are both EN-C certified.

From our experience, this is probably one of the most agile, fun, and playful non-reflexed wings we have ever flown. We recently did some collapse tests on it and it was very impressive. It is easy-to-launch and produces a lot of lift quickly and makes the light wind days manageable. We have found it to be very stable in turbulence and easy to handle when things get a little more rough.

One of the things we have found with this wing is that it is very efficient for paragliding, ridge soaring, and thermaling. Since it's a non-reflexed wing it is really good at soaring down mountains, catching ridge lift, and riding thermals. One of the main reasons we are excited about it is because we love to combine paramotoring with paragliding and this wing does it very well.

This is our new "go to" wing for rough days, windy days, or days where were venturing into the mountains looking for lift. The wing handles collapses very well which gives us a lot of confidence in pushing its limits. We feel very confident in taking this wing into nasty conditions and rough mountain air.

The Awak 3's are almost always in stock and ready to ship at any time. If they are not in stock it is on average a 15-30 day production time.


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SIZE 15 17 20
Flat area (m²) 15 17.5 20
Weight (kg) 3.5 3.6 3.8
aspect ratio 5.63 5.63 5.63
cells 55 55 55
Total in flight weight PP (kg) 50-80 50-95 50-120
Total in flight weight PPG (kg) 50-115 50-130 50-140
Speed ​​arms up (km/h) 50 45 45
Max speed (km/h) 70+ 65 65
Approval EN-926-1 / DGAC EN-926-1 / EN-C / DGAC EN-926-1 / EN-C / DGAC
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