What It's Like Launching A Dudek Warp 2 - (So Far)

What It's Like Launching A Dudek Warp 2 - (So Far)

7 Flights
115 Kg all up
18m Dudek Warp 2
5,000 MSL

Here are my thoughts so far on what it's like to launch a Warp 2. 

Since getting the wing last week I've been able to launch and land it 7 times. During these 7 launches I tried a few different trim settings as well as cross wind launches and launches where I hardely opened the wing up.

Right off the bat I've noticed it inflates way easier than the Warp 1 does. The Warp 1 would have the tendancy to lag behind you trimmed down (at least for me it did) and I always had to trim it out just to inflate it.

The Warp 2 doesn't seem to have that same issue. Trimmed down and the wing still wants to fly which is very nice. Once it does inflate it doesn't seem to have the same "snap stall" as I call it that the Warp 1 did. The 1 would just snap into a stall or spin with hardly any brake inputs. The Warp 2 wants to stay up and fly more.

The Warp 2 does not like brake on launch though. I have the tendancy of holding some brake / hitting brake on launch and when I do that on the Warp 2 it likes to hang back right on stall point. It does not snap into a stall like the Warp 1 would but it does hang back there. As soon as you notice this and put your hands up it corrects and comes right back up over head. Almost like it just sits there waiting for you to notice and as soon as you do it comes up. The Warp 1 would give no warning and would just snap into a stall. So as long as you know to be gentle on those brakes it's easy.

So far I have not had any issues with launching this wing trimmed at or around 3. It comes up, stays up, produces lift nicely, and as long as you don't touch brakes, it launches easily. I haven't "stressed" or "worried" about launching this wing trimmed down like I would with the Warp 1. They definetly improved on it's launching characteristics. 

However - with all of that said you shouldn't launch it at trim setting 3. The more optimal location in my exprience is trim setting 6 or 7. As you trim the wing out more the inflation becomes even easier, the brake range becomes even deeper, and the room for error becomes larger.

AKA, trimmed out = EASIER.

The Dudek Warp 1 sucked to launch trimmed down but it was EASY to launch trimmed at 7. The Warp 2 is easier trimmed down and even easier trimmed out. So next time you go to launch a Dudek, trim it out a bit more and see how it works. Because that's my secret to easier launches.


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