A Skill Worth Practicing

A Skill Worth Practicing

There's a training exsersise I do with all of my students that I believe is something everyone should practice from time to time when they are new.


What is it?


Practice approaches. 


It's a very simple exercise that is going to really dial in your appraches and ultimatly your landings.


A good landing starts with a good landing aproach.


The better you are at setting yourself up, tracking on heading, controling oscillation, and setting it down exactly where you want, the better your landings will be.


Spend some time practicing it next time you go out and if you ever find yourself messing up your apprach and landing where you didn't want to, 10 more practice approaches.


Change it up as time goes and maybe start the approach from upwind of your LZ, or crosswind of your LZ. Add some challange, test your abilities, and remember to have fun!

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