A Flight Worth a Million Words

A Flight Worth a Million Words

I'm sure you've heard the say "a picture worth a thousand words."


Well this flight was WAY more than just that.


This flight was an hour worth a million words.


This was one of the flights on our adventure wingman trip back in September 2022. We launched from a small town named Torry in central Utah headed for Hanksville, Utah. The flight itself was only 40 miles and took just over an hour to complete.

However, those 40 miles were probably the most beautiful, breath taking, and jaw dropping 40 miles of my entire paramotor journey. There was so much to take in I forgot more than I could ever remember. 

It was one of those life moments where you pintch yourself because you just can't quite believe it to be true. The photo at the top of this post to me looks like a spine bone. It looks like the backbone of Utah and man I still find myself staring at this photo.

To the left of the photo are some buttes I later landed on with a bush plane for a stunning photo shoot that maybe you've seen. (check our YouTube channel)

Anways, it was special and one of those moments where all the hard work, the money, and time was well worth it. It was a moment ingraved deep into my brain that I think back on late at night. Enough of me rambling on... 

Would you come fly this with us?

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