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Scout Carbon One

Scout Carbon One

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Did somebody say Carbon Fiber?

The Scout Carbon paramotor is a beautiful creation by a Slovakia company, Scout Aviation. The Scout was a creation of love and was originally created because it's what the founder wanted to fly. Years of love, energy, and effort went into each and every inch of the Scout. Every inch has a purpose and was well thought out. The Scout Carbon paramotor is globally known for its innovative and patented torque compensation (DTC). 



  • Vittorazi Moster 185 Plus MY22
  • 132 Scout Carbon Prop
  • 58 Pounds Dry
  • 3 Gallon Gas Tank (12 liters)
  • Vittorazi Throttle
  • Carbon fiber cage and spars
  • Aluminum frame and skids
  • Custom Scout harness
  • No reserve included


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