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Parajet MavMax

Parajet MavMax

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Fuel Tank

The Parajet MavMax is the larger frame, more refined, and overall improved Parajet Maverick! The MavMax comes with a 150 hoop which comfortably spins a 140 prop. The frame has been beefed up, the swingarms have been improved, and the hoop has been largened. 

If you loved the Parajet Maverick, you'll love this even more. 



  • Vittorazi Moster 185 Plus MY22
  • Polini throttle
  • Dudek comfort seat harness
  • 12 Liter or 16.5-liter gas tank
  • Reinforced crossbar
  • Titanium frame and cage
  • Reserve not included
  • 140 cm E-Prop


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