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Limitless Paramotor

Limitless Paramotor

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  • Titanium frame and cage
  • 150 cm Hoop that fits a 140 cm prop
  • Any engine can be mounted upon special request
  • Vittorazi Moster 185 Plus MY22
  • Off-Grid Aviation Throttle
  • 15-liter gas tank
  • 140 cm Helix Prop (E-Props are available)
  • Fully adjustable swingarms 
  • Dudek Comfort Seat Harness (lightweight version is available)
  • Around 58 pounds dry
  • No reserve included
  • Under 5 minutes to assemble and disassemble


The Limitless Paramotor has been a massively successful paramotor setting a new wave of how pilots fly. The unique and fully adjustable swing arms allow pilots to tweak, change, and customize the paramotor to their liking.

If you are anything like me - then you don't really care for "adjustable" things. Just put it at a good spot and leave it, right? 

However, the moment I tweaked the Limitless and felt just how much better it fits my style, I realized just how awesome adjustability is. I can easily make the paramotor exactly how I want it which is way nicer than you might think.


Additional Details:

Cage - The cage on the Limitless Paramotor is much larger than most paramotors on the market. The advantage of the larger frame is a larger prop! A larger prop means more thrust and once you taste the instant power boost of a 140cm prop, you'll never be satisfied with anything else. The Limitless is built with a sturdy 150cm cage that comfortably fits a 140cm prop.

Built Like A Tank - The Limitless is easily one of the most durable frames we have ever tested. They can be smacked into the ground over and over again without any issues. The cage and frame are made out of 100% titanium and is built to handle all the mistakes new pilots make. 

Less Broken Props - One of the best parts about the Limitless paramotor is that you do not break props on butt landings or launches because there is clearance between the prop and the ground. On other paramotors the prop sits very close to the ground which makes prop strikes more common. The Limitless is built with clearance so pilots don't worry about a broken prop on a bad launch. (This has saved our students a lot of money...)

A Large Gas Tank - As you get into paramotors you will find yourself venturing farther and farther from your LZ. As you do this you'll find that the amount of fuel you can carry is more important than you originally thought. The Limitless gas tank can comfortably carry 3.9 gallons (15 liters) of fuel which gives pilots 3+ hours of flight time.

Netting Clearance - One of our favorite parts about the Limitless is the distance between the netting and the prop. The clearance is enough that you almost can't touch the two together. This clearance means pilots don't need to worry about their hands, throttles, or brake toggles touching the prop. 

Very Comfortable - One of the most important parts of a paramotor is how comfortable it is. A more comfortable paramotor will make launching and landing easier! Meaning - you won't blow as many launches or sit down as many landings. 

Any Engine, Same Frame - The Limitless paramotor is built with a unique mounting plate which allows any engine to be mounted without having to drill additional holes. Change engines and try new things without buying new frames.


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