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Iris Paramotor

Iris Paramotor

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  • Vittorazi Moster 185 Plus MY22
  • 130cm E-Prop
  • Iris "No BS" Throttle
  • Multiple Color Options Available
  • Dudek Comfort Seat Light Harness
  • Aluminum cage and frame
  • Carbon fiber spars
  • 54 Pounds dry
  • 12 Liter or 18 Liter gas tank option
  • Reserve not included


The Most Juicy Weight-Shift You Will Ever Feel.

The Iris paramotor is one of the only frames manufactured in the United States. This paramotor is a creation of love, attention to detail, and a relentless focus on improving. The founder of Iris paramotors pours his heart and soul into everything he does and it shows. The quality of everything Iris makes is definitely the best in the industry. They do not release anything "half-baked" and their customer service is almost impossible to beat. If your looking for a frame that will continue to impress you and make you smile every time you fly it - this is that frame.

Weight-Shift - The Iris paramotor is built with a very unique swing arm system. The fully articulating arms allow the swingarms to not only move up and down but also side to side. This helps pilots engage deeper and more powerful weight-shift then ever before. With a simple flick of the hip, pilots can throw around an Iris better than any other frame. The weight-shift is simply unmatched by anything else. 

Ridiculously Light - One of the most important things pilots should consider when picking a paramotor is how heavy and comfortable a frame is. Weight distribution and overall weight play a factor into how easily a pilot can walk around, launch, and land a paramotor. And although you might not think that's a big deal, it's a big deal. A heavy and uncomfortable paramotor will lead to pilots falling down more, making more mistakes, breaking more equipment, and overall flying less. The Iris puts the weight close to your back and high on your back. Which means the weight feels as light as possible. It also only weighs 54-55 pounds which is just below the industry standard of 56 pounds.

Premium Build - The Iris paramotor is one of the most well-built and thought out paramotors available today. Every inch, every screw, and every washer has been accounted for, planned, and placed with intention. Everything has a purpose and the team at Iris is constantly working to improve their frame.

Netting - The netting on the Iris is one of the few nets that come almost all the way to the mainframe and is extremely tight and tough. Most nets have large gaps between the frame and where the netting start. The Iris brings their net as close to the main frame as possible. The netting is also designed in a way that if for some reason you damage or break it, you can quickly and easily replace just the netting. 

Custom Paint Job - The Iris paramotor is one of the only frames on the market where you can fully customize the color of the frame. Have multiple colors, custom artwork, flakes, sparkles, and just about anything else you want. You can truly make this paramotor one of a kind.

Larger Gas Tank - The Iris comes with either a 3 gallon and 4 gallon gas tank option. More fuel means more flight time which for those that like to venture far from their LZ, they will come to enjoy and appreciate. 


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