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Backcountry PPG

1 On 1 Training

1 On 1 Training

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Receive one on one training with Trevor Steele in the beautiful backcountry of Utah. Receive personalized training on whatever you are looking to do. This training is to help you progress and learn whatever it is that you would like to learn. This training is not for new pilots and we expect you to already know how to fly prior to signing up.

Trevor has been flying since 2012 and has spent the last 10 years flying through the deep backcountry of Utah. This includes mountaintop landings, ridge soaring 11,000 peaks mid-day, and flying long cross-country flights over remote locations. Trevor recently participated in the Adventure Wingman Challange which was a 1,100-mile cross-country flight through 4 states over the course of 11 days. He is a very experienced paramotor pilot in a slew of different environments and is happy to help you achieve your flying goals.

Spend Time Learning:

  • Improved launches & landings
  • Energy management
  • Cross-country preparation, planning, and flying 
  • Mountain flying
  • Mountain top landing techniques
  • Foot-drags
  • And more.

The possibilities are endless and we are here to help however we can!



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